Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Word from Alum, Nick Prue '15

As a Western New England University alum who attended the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, I wanted to reach out and share my thoughts with the group of students that are with you for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.  I am forever grateful for the experience I had four years ago when I was a part of the group that traveled to Brazil, and I hope this group of students has the same positive, life-changing experience in Russia.  Being able to participate in such an amazing program is hands-down one of the most memorable experiences and memories I have from my time at Western New England!  If I can provide any type of words of wisdom to the students, it would be to go into every day with an open mind and even on the days where you are exhausted, push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the entirety of the trip without any regrets!  --Nick Prue

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Post-Script on Seminar Abroad VI: 2018 FIFA World Cup/Russia

Andrea Canales:  "This experience was another memorable milestone in my life; definitely different from my first World Cup in Brazil 2014, but equally incredible and life changing."

Connor Decker:  “I loved every second of this trip; it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will remember forever!”

Joe Guerrera:  “Eye opening.  Life changing.  Influential.  Exhausting.  An unforgettable experience that heightened my interest in traveling overseas.”

Kes Husselbeck:  “It was truly amazing. Four great matches and learning about a culture that I did not know much about were unbelievable.  I wish I could have stayed longer!”

Joe Kaminskas:  “Just happy to have had the chance to go to Russia for the World Cup.”

Patrick Perzanowski:  “This trip was unbelievable, from the matches to the cultural tours and events, to being able to share these experiences with classmates. I had the time of my life!”

Steven Perzanowki:  “The matches were exciting, the atmosphere was electric, and the culture and history of the country were amazing. This experience made me want to travel more!”

Steve Sugermeyer:  “Very pleasant; relaxing, yet exhilarating.”

Val Wagner:  “My childhood dream to go to the World Cup has been realized . . . one of the best experiences of my life!” 

Nate Wallek:  “I got chills sitting in the stadiums of the World Cup; it was amazing and it is still hard to believe that I was actually there!”

Alex Weir:  “This was one of the best things I had ever done; a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I'm lucky to have been a part of it!”

Ryan Zajaceskowski:  “Easily one of the best experiences of my life!”

Curt Hamakawa:  “The beauty of these trips is the transformational effect on students as global citizens, because of the intense, heavy dose of up-close-and-personal interaction with people from every corner of the world within a compressed space and time.  There is no better way to appreciate events such as the World Cup, and the culture and history of the host country than to visit in person, to which the "Lucky 13" of Seminar Abroad VI:  2018 FIFA World Cup/Russia can surely attest!  

Saturday, June 23

The Delegation's last day in Russia began with a 3 a.m. hotel check out and bus transfer to the St. Petersburg Rail Station for our four-hour train ride to Moscow Station, followed by another bus transfer to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport for our return flights home.  The student's had their last meal together at TGI Friday's at the airport departure concourse before Frenchie caught his flight to Paris and the rest of us boarded our plane for our ten-hour flight to JFK.
Arrival at JFK, less Frenchie, who is spending the remainder of his summer in France; Connor, who was picked up by his parents at the Arrivals Terminal; and Patrick and Steven, who along with Prof. Sugermeyer went to find a restroom before the three-hour bus ride back to WNE.  But of those in this photo evidencing our safe return, their expressions speak volumes about the nature of this experience, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time!  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday, June 22

Students attend the last morning seminar of the CISB Seminar Abroad V:  2018 FIFA World Cup/Russia! 
 Golden Bears kitted out in Costa Rica unis by New Balance!
 Patrick and some Brazilian friends hold a mini-bear convention outside St. Petersburg Stadium.
 Alex readies to enter the stadium for the last of four matches in Russia!
 Coincidentally, this Brazilian fan and I share the same wedding anniversary!
 Connor sporting his new face tattoo!
 Students at the "From Russia with Love" cooking class.
 Chef Alexander's Kitchen at the Food Loft.
 Reindeer, it's what's for dinner!
 Connor and Ryan prep the first course.
 Chef Alexander brings everyone up to speed on Cooking 101.
 Chef Alexander invites Andrea to give a toast.
 Kes and Andrea show their delight and joy in partaking in this new and different experience.
 Chef Alexander giving everyone step-by-step instructions...including warnings about the hot stove and sharp knives!
 Joe making fresh ricotta cheese.
 Alex giving a toast (but forgetting to raise a glass)!
 More wine, anyone?
 Nothing like being surgically clean in the kitchen!
 Kes cleaning up a spill as she goes.
 "Guys, this is what it is supposed to look like."
Those orange things on the plates are baked carrots...yum!
"Hey, look what I made!"
"Ours looks better than yours!"
Chef Alexander's plated first course.
Good enough to eat!
Steven gives it the thumbs up!
Patrick is happy about something.
Connor looks happy, too!
Students enjoying their first course.
The guys can't wait to get home to try their new cooking skills!
Prof. Sugermeyer demonstrates the proper use of utensils.
"Is this my good side?"
"Or is it this side?"
Ryan and Connor team up to make the special sauce.
Ditto Patrick and Alex.
Notice that only the Chef gets to wear the black ninja gloves.
More instructions while the cabbage simmers.
Just a dash -- not sprinkle -- of salt!
Steven searing the reindeer cuts.
Patrick checking the cooked readiness of his reindeer.
Alex and Patrick preparing the first course.
Joe G throwing some salt on the garnish.
"Okay, everybody still with me?"
 Alex and Joe grill their reindeer.
 First course is looking good.
 Prof. Sugermeyer enjoying a little red wine with his meal.
 "From Russia with Love."
 "Okay, students, are you ready for the next course?"
 Joe and Natasha work as a team.
 Kes and Andrea show their creations.
 First course plate with fresh ricotta cheese in foreground.
 Andrea and her first course.
Steven gives his starter a thumbs up!
 Now, on to the second course.
 How's the reindeer look in the marinade?
 Okay, now let's get the sauce going.
 Nate and his creation.
 Connor's not big into cooked carrots.
 Nate and Steven pan fry their cuts of reindeer.
 I can't remember, "Is this my good side?"
Just a pinch of salt.
"Let us pray."
"You think it looks done?"
"Like this, not like that!"
A toast...to us!

Steven enjoying the apres-meal.
Chef's prize student, Andrea!
Chef Alexander with the Golden Bears.