Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday, June 20

Today, the students got a "day off" from seminar and planned activities, so they had the whole day to explore on their own.  Fortunately, our hotel is situated in the city center, so there are lots of things to see and do within a short walking distance.  Since I did not have students with me today, I just took some photos of the street scene and some buildings.

 Yes, this is where it all started.

 Crazy guy doing this on a balcony with many people walking below!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 19

 Morning seminar at the M-Hotel in St. Petersburg.
 Joe K:  "Just happy to be here."
 Alex:  "Grateful for the chance to do what we've been doing in Russia."
 Patrick delivers his presentation on "FIFA's Corruption and Managerial Incompetence."
 Out for a morning stroll on the streets of St. Petersburg.
 Students get cozy in front of the Hermitage Museum at Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square.
 "Covell was here."
 Police officers at the Hermitage Museum carry guns, but are also fashionable in heels!
 If you look carefully, you can see "Tsar" Frenchie Wagner atop the Grand Balcony welcoming supplicants to his Winter Palace.
 You can see Frenchie better in this close-up.
 Kes checks out one of the 1,500 rooms and 3 million artifacts at the Hermitage Museum, second in size and scope only to the Louvre.
 "Put me in, Coach!"
 Students inspect the malachite vase, made of tiny ceramic pieces.
 Andrea admires her would-be throne from a distance.
 Students get up close to one of two Da Vinci pieces in the Hermitage collection.
 Getting a glimpse of Da Vinci's "Madonna and Child" and "Madonna and Child with Flowers" is akin to seeing "Mona Lisa" at The Louvre.
 Joe G. takes a pose in contemplation of Michelangelo's "Crouching Boy" sculpture.
 Joe G. admires Rembrandt's work, "DanaĆ«." 
Joe G. "lifts" this 19-ton stone vase, made of jasper stone.
 Joe G. angles for a photo of this ancient Egyptian mummy from the 10th C
Steve and a gigantic Matryoshka doll!
 This evening, the Delegation was treated to a near-private audience with the Russian Cossacks and Dance Troupe, "Bagatitsa," in St. Petersburg.  Photos to follow, with more costume changes than a Kes Husselbeck!


 Audience participation fun with some "civilians" on stage with the performers!

This street scene of revelers celebrating Russia's 3-1 victory over Egypt was taken around midnight, but you can still see light in the night sky.  Crazy!  #russianwhitenights