Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

A final group photo at JFK International Airport!

After nine full days in Rio, a six-hour flight to Bogota, a ten-hour layover at the airport, another six-hour connecting flight to New York City, and a three-and-a-half hour bus ride back to the WNE campus (where the group was welcomed home curbside at Deliso Hall by President Anthony Caprio), everyone was thoroughly exhausted . . . but at the same time deeply appreciative of their unique and special experience that is now in the books as Seminar Abroad 2014: FIFA World Cup/Brazil! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

See you (back) in 2016!

Seminar Abroad 2014 delegates -- Ross Titelbaum, Nick Prue, Jeremy Patti, Irina Smith, Tom Cowin, McKenzie Pezze, and Troy Tanzer -- give their endorsement for Seminar Abroad 2016, Rio Olympics!

Closing Thoughts

"While this trip was in some respects the most challenging of the four Olympic and World Cup Seminars Abroad in terms of logistics planning and preparation, at the end of the day it was another incredible experience for all of us lucky enough to be a part of Seminar Abroad 2014, FIFA World Cup/Brazil!"

--Curt Hamakawa 

"Amazing.  This never gets tiring for me.  Thanks, Mark Martinez for taking me everywhere in Rio!  Sign me up for the next one . . . I'm in!"

--Golden Bear

"This experience has opened my eyes to an amazing culture.  Not only have I had the time of my life, but I am so happy that the first time I left the U.S. was to go Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 FIFA World Cup!" 

--Jeremy Patti '15

"It would do the country of Brazil a disservice to attempt to summarize this experience with any amount of words.  From the outstanding fans in the Maracana to smiles on the faces in the favela, a World Cup in Brazil is unlike any experience in the world.  My only regret is that so many people will never experience it."

--Mark Martinez '15

"Everything we had the opportunity to be a part of was so rich and full of culture.  You just don't see that everyday...people tell stories about monumental moments in their lives, and now it's our turn to be the story tellers!"

--McKenzie Pezze '16

"For my first time out of the country, never would I have thought it would be to Brazil and the FIFA World Cup.  However, I am so happy I went outside of my comfort zone and applied, because this has been an absolutely amazing experience that I certainly will never forget, and for which I am incredibly thankful."

--Sarah Babski '15

"There is no greater learning experience than travel, and there is no greater travel than going to a World Cup.  And, most importantly, there is no greater World Cup than a World Cup in Brazil!"

--Tom Cowin '15

"Life changing.  I truly believe I am a better person because of this.  People sometimes never get a chance to go to something as incredible as a World Cup.  I will never forget, and I am eternally grateful for, the people I met and the things I've seen."

--Troy Tanzer '17

"No one will ever understand how much this trip has meant to me.  What could be better than being in Rio in Brazil during the World Cup?  That's right, nothing can compare!"

--Andrea Canales '16

"In this, our fourth such trip, I was incredibly impressed with our students' willingness to engage in the significant cultural experiences that Rio, Brazil, and the World Cup offered them.  They are a special group indeed."

--Dr. Dan Covell

"The course and trip not only met, but went above and beyond, my expectations.  Everything was special in its own way and I would do it over again in a heart beat!" 

--Irina Smith '16

"My experience in Rio for the World Cup was memorable and unforgettable.  This entire trip has been a dream-come-true and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Obrigado, Brazil!"

--Nick Prue '15

"This trip was outstanding.  It started when we touched down in Rio and headed to our first Maracana match all the way through to our last futbol friendly with our tour guide and minibus driver.  It will be a memory I will have for the rest of my life.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible." 

--Ross Titelbaum '16

IBC Visit Day

On June 23, our last full day in Brazil, we visited the FIFA International Broadcast Center, which was conveniently located about ten minutes from our hotel.

Andrea Canales gets interviewed on video by WNE correspondent Troy Tanzer.

Another fun scene from inside the mini-van!

Group shot at the entrance to our hotel, Espaco Lonier.

The circle driveway at the hotel entrance flies the American flag!

Our group on tour at the IBC.

Students learn about the broadcast coverage operations at the FIFA World Cup.

Our guide, Denise, communicates with our group via closed-circuit headphones.

Photo-op outside the Univision operations center.

Our group was fortunate to be able to tour the broadcast studio of Mexico's Televisa network. 

Photo-op with our IBC guides, Denise, unidentified, Giulia, and Camille.

Our IBC guides showing off their WNE t-shirts!

Andrea Canales meets a fellow Peruvian in Rodrigo Quintella's wife, Janella.

The crew stands at the perimeter gate to our hotel compound.

Troy Tanzer on the hot seat being interviewed by the Golden Bear videocam.
Our group outside the IBC, which was about a ten-minute drive from our hotel.

The view inside one of the television broadcast studios; in this case, Mexico's Televisa.

Last-Chance Volleyball

Since today, June 23, is Olympic Day the world over, our students decided to celebrate by participating in physical activity and sport, in this case, soccer and volleyball.

Mark Martinez chases down a ball to make the save!

Here, Mark Martinez shows off his back row setting skill.

Action at the net!

The crew minus Andrea Canales, who was inside watching the Chile vs. Netherlands match.

McKenzie Pezze readies for serve receive.

Brazilian BBQ Farewell Banquet and Closing Ceremonies

While it is a tradition for the CISB Seminars Abroad to close with a delegation banquet, this year our driver, Daniel Freitas, offered to cook a BBQ dinner for the group, which we glad -- and quickly -- accepted!
Since Brazil plays Cameroon today, we flew Brazil's colors for good luck!

Our chef, Daniel Freitas, shows Dr. Dan Covell how it's done!

Daniel Freitas shows his swift knife work at the cutting board!

Come and get it!

As part of the closing ceremonies, the students took their turn in personally thanking Rodrigo Quintella and Daniel Freitas for making the trip the tremendous experience that it was!

Daniel Freitas and Rodrigo Quintella receive the students thanks and gratitude.

Our hosts react to one of our student's comment about their easygoing and joking manner.

Dr. Dan Covell directs his accolades to Rodrigo Quintella and Daniel Freitas.

Daniel Freitas and Rodrigo Quintella receive kudos for a job very well done!

Irina Smith enjoys the BBQ.

Mark Martinez savors the beef and sausage on a stick!

Andrea Canales and McKenzie Pezze present Daniel Freitas and Rodrigo Quintella with some WNE gear.

The students gather around the best backyard Brazilian BBQ chef in Rio de Janeiro!

Dr. Dan Covell and Curt Hamakawa give the BBQ their approval!

Rodrigo Quintella, apprentice BBQ cook!

Rodrigo Quintella juggles limes while master BBQ chef Daniel Freitas slices the meat!

Tom Cowin makes appreciation remarks on behalf of the WNE delegation.

Tom Cowin presents delegation-autographed mini soccer balls to Daniel Freitas and Rodrigo Quintella.

Tom Cowin, in his "Go Brazil" jersey with our hosts, Daniel Freitas and Rodrigo Quintella.

Troy Tanzer give it his thumbs up!

Troy Tanzer expresses his gratitude to Rodrigo Quintella and Daniel Freitas for their top-notch service.