Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, August 4

Without a doubt, our first day in Rio was a day to remember!

Upon our arrival this morning in Rio, we were met by our tour guide extraordinaire, Rodrigo Quintella, who is on his second tour of duty with a WNE student group, following his good services at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Group mug

Francisco and "Vinicius"

Rickie with "Tom" stuffed mascots

 Mike and Paul with "Vinicius"

Emily and Chelsea at the Arrivals Terminal

After the students got some airport mug shots, we headed to our "hotel," which is really a boutique Pousada or inn, in the Barra de Guaratiba neighborhood west of central Rio.  More on this later, but we only had enough time to drop our bags and change clothes before heading to Rocinha Favela for the group's community service project.

Our service project was organized and led by Paul Harris, who contacted a local NGO, Project Favela, and arranged to have our students donate school supplies to its education program and deliver and set up mosquito nets to several of the community residents' homes.

Paul is shown here with volunteer teacher Matthew and program director Christine.  Unfortunately, today being a state holiday, school was not in session and we did not get to meet the Project Favela students at school.  We did, however, get to meet several of the program's students in their neighborhoods.

Jeremy "Candyman" Proto makes some new friends.

Rickie Rizos shares some of her booty with a child.

Ryan finds that he is quite popular with the neighborhood kids.

Francesco Siniscalchi attracts quite a crowd with his three-card monty card trick!

Rickie and Chelsea practice their Portuguese on this vendor in making a transaction.

Emily "Picasso" Painter

Erika makes her mom proud dousing herself in mosquito repellent (her SECOND application of the day)!

Francesco Siniscalchi, Kylie Hamakawa, Chelsea Johnson, and Rickie Rizos engage in some international goodwill.

Our students pose for a mug with Project Favela leaders and students.

Tyler Kasuba at the Project Favela classroom.

Paul Harris, Paul St. Pierre, Jeremy Proto, Ryan Smith, and Mike Spratt show off their work after setting up a mosquito net at one of the favela resident's bedrooms.

Back at the Pousada, Francesco, Tyler, Jeremy, and Ryan enjoy their pizza dinner after a long day's work!

A bit weary, perhaps, but Chelsea and Rickie cannot betray their happiness for the blessings of the day!

Chelsea, Rickie, and Erika get ready to enjoy some typical Brazilian fare for lunch.

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Anthony Caprio said...

Hello to all! I have just enjoyed all the entries and photos of the blog. Thank you so much. It looks as if you are all having a fun and busy time. Glad few mosquitoes sighted! I think of you as I see the events on TV each day. I actually look for you all! and I wear my The Cap-RIO T-shirt a bit each day! Thank you for it. Professor Hamakawa thinks of each and every detail.
Stay well. Enjoy. You remind me of how much I enjoyed my last trip to Rio several years ago.I will keep following you.